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We offer Steel Solutions in the form of Design and Build Solution, which include Design, Drawings, Supply, Manufacturing, Delivery & Installation.

Our clientele consists of individual house owners, Architects, Contractors, Developers, Investors, Manufacturers & Government Institutions among others, from all over Australia.

Steel Wall Framing

Our Light Gauge Steel wall frames provide a quick and efficient that enhances structural integrity while reducing bulk. In fact, our NEXTRUSS steel features one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any conventional building product.

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Steel Roof Trusses

Our sophisticated, advanced design software allows us to engineer and design roof trusses for almost any shape or size conceivable. All of the NEXTRUSS frame sections are rolled in our factory using the latest high precision roll forming machine.

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Steel Floor Joists

NEXTRUSS’s unique suspended floor system is up to 50% lighter through the use of less materials than any other suspended floor system, installed in half the time with zero back propping and no compromise on structural integrity or floor strength.

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Structural Steel

We are a leading Aerospace steels manufacturer. Our special grade steels are being used in commercial and military aerospace projects around the world.

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