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Steel Wall Framing

The Smart Choice

NEXTRUSS’s steel wall framing system makes the building process efficient and quicker without compromising structural and aesthetic outcomes. All of our frame sections are rolled in our factory using the latest high precision roll forming machine. Our NEXTRUSS Steel meets Australian standards (AS1397) and our products carry a 50-year warranty*.

NEXTRUSS wall frames are supplied in one of two forms:

  1. Entirely manufactured and packaged ready for transportation; or
  2. In ready-to-assemble knockdown form for onsite assembly

Whichever way you choose, NEXTRUSS is a smart choice offering a number of benefits and substantial cost savings.

Design & Manufacture

The NEXTRUSS point of difference begins with our in-house design team. Our team has extensive experience building with steel frame systems and have completed numerous projects using this technology. We use sophisticated software to design and detail the wall frames that are engineered to meet Australian building codes for cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas.

Once we complete the design process, the result is a wall system that is a combination of 90mm ribbed C-sections for the studs and 90mm U-sections for plates and nogging. The use of U-sections for the nogging adds rigidity to the frame while the ribbed C-section provides up to 20% additional strength.

Many NEXTRUSS customers have reported savings of 15-30% and more, with the construction time of some projects slashed by as much as 50% of the build time using traditional building methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, reach out here.

Why should I build with steel?

Steel Frames are a modern, superior product of choice when building any type of property. Not only is it a long-term investment that lasts for many decades, it also eliminates any structural damage concerns regarding insects, water, fire and cyclones. The resale value of a steel frame building is higher due to its longevity and durability.

Is steel framing more expensive?

No. Steel framing is very competitive on price, particularly when you consider its quality. A steel frame gives value for money. It is a premium quality product that sets the benchmark. Steel has many advantages over timber, even the best quality timber. The fact is that discerning buyers are increasingly demanding steel frames. A Steel Frame Solutions frame remains straight and true, even if exposed to the weather for an extended time.

What size jobs do you do?

NEXTRUSS Steel covers small buildings (such as residential homes) all the way to commercial building projects.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Our estimating team works hard to provide you with pricing in a timely manner. Reach out here and our sales team will let you know when you can expect a price after sending us your plans. On average it will take 3 days.

Do you install?

Yes, we are a full service steel supplier and offer delivery and installation if you require.

What is involved in detailing?

Our detailers are highly skilled and will build your project in 3D on the screen before we manufacure your frames. They will capture your vision and make sure that everything is correct before we produce a single steel frame.